Telehealth How To for Podiatrists

Telehealth Outline.

Here’s some info and resources that may help you if thinking of setting up Telehealth Consultations.
You will need a good internet/data connection, a fairly modern device with a good camera, a position with adequate lighting, a headset with a microphone to ensure good sound quality.



Make a time, get all contact details and take payment by card over the phone if possible.


Set up a telehealth appointment type and whatever parameters you need to limit the times available etc. In the confirmation email add a link to some type of payment system.
There are a number of integrated platforms that will take bookings and payments, and even link to video conferencing. Have a look at Simplybook which requires a subscription, or Setmore which has a fee version that integrates with Square.

Payment System

Card by phone

easy if you have facilities, or even taking a card at the beginning of the consultation.


Allows you to request money from people by email. You can also send them an invoice. Lots of people have a PayPal account, but invoicing also allows them to pay by card.

Online Store

If you already have an online store in your website you could add an item “Telehealth Consultation” and direct people to make payment there.


You can accept payments in the backend of your Stripe dashboard by adding a customer and then their card details. This method is not user friendly, but a possibility if you don’t have facilities to take cards over the phone.

Once booking and payment have been finalised then send the link to your chosen Consultation Platform.

Consultation Platform

Best to use what you are most familiar with so that you can guide your patient if necessary. The key requirement is end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

The patient will need to be familiar with using a smartphone or tablet. You should use a headset or phone headphones for the best sound quality.


Available on all platforms and requires users to have an id and login.


Popular but once again requires users to register for the app


Particularly good for multi-user, but the free version should be OK. You have to sign up but the patient doesn’t. They are getting absolutely smashed at the moment because of all the working from home, and I know some quality has suffered. You have to check the encryption settings for each call.

A dedicated telehealth platform with a free version. You sign up, then give the patient the link to your online waiting room. I use this and think it’s great.

Facebook Messenger

No encryption.


Encrypted but only available on Apple Devices.

Follow Up

Be sure to provide written information by email, and to do a phone follow up within 3 days.

In your email give a summary of the consultation, and include things like advice given, exercise plan, footwear prescription, and a shopping list of items recommended.

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